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Kalkan, no one visits just once …

We first travelled to, and fell in love with, Turkey on our Honeymoon in 1988. We stayed near Ölü Deniz and in our third week we hired a car and drove down the coast road from Fethiye to Kaş. As we were driving a particularly picturesque bay caught our attention and we stopped to take a photograph of the small cluster of white-washed buildings splashed with purple bougainvillea nestling at the foot of the hillside around a small harbour. This was our first glimpse of Kalkan. Four years later we stayed in Kalkan for the first time at the Patara Pansiyon near the harbour. We have visited on many occasions since before eventually fulfilling our dream of buying a Villa in this beautiful location. We have also enjoyed holidays in many other lovely places in Turkey and elsewhere in the World but Kalkan remains our favourite. Kalkan is located on the Gulf of Antalya, an inlet of the Mediterranean on the south-west coast of Turkey. This area is famous for the beautiful coastline and beaches, warm seas and historical sites. There has been a successful local campaign to “keep Kalkan special” and although it has certainly grown since our initial stay in 1992 it retains much of the original ambience. 

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About Kalkan & its surrounding areas

The historic town of Kalkan is an enchanting place in which to holiday, and one of the most beautiful locations along Turkey's Lycian Coast. Without the pressures of mass tourism, Kalkan remains a charming and unspoiled haven of lush nature, brilliant blue crystal-clear sea, historic architecture and warm, welcoming hospitality.


Kalkan curls snuggly around a historic harbour, sheltered at the foot of the towering Taurus Mountains. The town itself overlooks the beautiful bay with narrow streets twisting down to the harbour, and home to a variety of small boutique and traditional Turkish shops, as well as a vast array of restaurants; from romantic rooftop bistros to livelier harbour-side cocktail bars. The Guardian likens Kalkan to "the Italian Riviera, but without the poseurs".


There is something for everyone in and around Kalkan, from sun worshippers to explorers, including:

  • Beautiful Beaches - Patara National Park (18km Sandy Beach), Kaputas Beach, Kalkan Town.

  • Historic Lycian Ruins - inc Patara National Park, Myra, Tlos, Xanthos.

  • Fun Activities - inc Jeep Safari, Quad Biking, Canoeing, Boat Trips, Water Sports, Scuba Diving.

  • Attractions and Places - inc Saklikent Gorge, Yakapark, Oludinez, Beach Clubs.

Kalkan has many fine qualities, but without a doubt, it is the people of Kalkan who make the town extra special. 

The people of Kalkan warmly welcome you, and you may at first be surprised by the universal friendliness within the town.  This, along with warm Turkish hospitality is the basis of life here and the people of Kalkan sincerely enjoy getting to know their guests.  So don’t hesitate to accept one of the many tulip-shaped glasses of çay (tea) you will be offered while you amble along Kalkan’s winding streets.  You won’t be hassled while you are a guest of Kalkan – the town is hassle-free and is proud to be so. You will find a mixed population here, consisting of locals, some Istanbul Turks and Turks from other cities who have made Kalkan their home and own small businesses, as well as a small number of well-educated foreigners who have settled in the town.